Is Diversity Awareness Important in Business?

SafetySkills™ encourages employers to celebrate Diversity Awareness Month.

Oklahoma City, OK, October 10, 2009 --( It is easy to say that diversity awareness is a hot topic for 2009 and employers should take this October, Diversity Awareness Month, as an opportunity to share this with employees. With the appointment of Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and the recent Crowley/Gates controversy, the entire nation has become aware of how important it is to understand each others’ differences. No place needs to be knowledgeable of this more than the workplace. SafetySkills™ Diversity in the Workplace course provides employers and employees with an education on the advantages of diversity and how to respect each others’ difference to create a positive work environment.

“Diversity is extremely important to any business,” Trey Greene, CEO of “Getting as many different perspectives as possible can only benefit your company. Understanding various markets by employing individuals who fits that demographic really helps you realize what makes them tick.”

Besides the professional benefits diversity can lead to, having the proper training on the matter can help avoid misunderstandings and potentially offensive situations that could have been otherwise prevented.

“I believe very few people intentionally say something discriminatory towards another person, but that doesn’t make it any less hurtful to the injured party. Sometimes co-workers need to be taught how to work together. This is not only good for your staff, but also for your business’ protection,” said Greene.

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