Michael Zimmerman and Prentice Capital Management Announce Innovative Equity Fund for the U.S.

Prentice Capital Management focuses on public equity investments in the U.S. consumer and retail sectors. Since its inception in 2005 by Michael Zimmerman, Prentice has embraced a fundamental-driven, value-oriented investment philosophy fueled by the company’s specialized proprietary research platform.

New York, NY, October 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Prentice Capital Management, an investment firm that focuses on a value-oriented fundamental investment philosophy, has announced the launch of the Prentice Capital Long/Short Equity Fund. The new fund will pursue a deep fundamental research strategy in public equities in the U.S. consumer and retail sectors.

Prentice will manage the fund in a public long/short equity-only portfolio. The company will leverage its existing proprietary research platform – which includes longstanding relationships with senior and middle management teams, lenders, creditors, industry consultants, vendors, and buy side partners – to help inform the fund’s investment decisions.

“As U.S. consumer and retail specialists who have invested up and down the capital structure for more than a decade, we seek to create alpha in this niche fund,” noted Michael Zimmerman, CEO of Prentice Capital Management. “Also, as the economy could be flattening out and ready to rebound, but is still experiencing some volatility, we could be perfectly poised to make several successful investments, on both the long and short sides of the portfolio,” he added.

Additionally, Mr. Zimmerman’s long history of successfully marrying deep fundamental research with catalyst investing will be mirrored by the fund, which will attempt to implement strong trading capabilities and strict risk management in addition to strong primary research skills.

To learn more about the Prentice Capital Long/Short Equity Fund, please contact Ben Cable (COO of Prentice Capital Management) at 212-756-3560 or benc@prenticecapital.com.

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