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AIHUA America, Inc. Forms Partnership with eele Laboratories to Remanufacture Projector Lamps

AIHUA America, Inc. announces a partnership with eele Laboratories. Under the terms of the agreement, AIHUA America will provide eele with super high pressure mercury lamps for eele's newest service, projector lamp remanufacturing.

Bohemia, NY, July 01, 2005 --( AIHUA America, Inc. (AAI) has agreed to provide projector lamps for eele Laboratories’ newest branch, eele ReLamping. Under the terms of the agreement, AIHUA will become eele’s non-exclusive provider of super high pressure mercury (AHP) lamps, to be used in the remanufacturing of projector lamp modules for both commercial and consumer front and rear projection applications.

eele Laboratories provides the re-lamping service in an effort to bring down the cost associated with replacing lamp housings, as well as to diminish the amount of waste produced when replacing the entire module. eele’s position on recycling the lamp housing and reflectors stems from the company’s dedication to environmental preservation.

Effectively, the re-lamping process can be broken down into four stages. First, when eele receives the spent module, it will be completely disassembled. eele will then replace the old lamp with a new AIHUA AHP lamp and exchange any other irreparable components with new components. Trained technicians will calibrate the new lamp module for original optimal light performance. Finally, the module will be reassembled and shipped back to the customer, ready for use. The restored lamp module is accompanied by a 1-year warranty from eele Laboratories.

AIHUA America, Inc. is the worldwide exclusive sales and marketing office for super high-pressure mercury (AHP) lamps. The AHP lamp is used in the front and rear projection industries as an efficient and economical light source. With lamps currently available in wattages from 100 W to 200W, the AHP is a cost-effective choice for industry manufacturers, OEMs and lamp distributors.

eele Laboratories, established in 1997, specializes in advancing the state of the art for a wide variety of illumination applications, in particular those which need to efficiently concentrate light through small apertures. These applications include front and rear projection display systems and fiber optic light sources. eele’s newest branch, eele ReLamping, focuses on using eele’s extensive knowledge of these light sources to provide remanufacturing services for an industry that has seen decreased manufacturing costs in all but one area, the lamp.

For more information about the AHP lamps, to purchase or sample AHP lamps, or to ask about our re-lamping agreement, please contact Gina Sansivero at AIHUA America, Inc.; or 1-631-244-3773 ext. 104. For more information about eele ReLamping, please contact Joe Carbone at eele Laboratories; or 1-631-244-0051 ext. 113.

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