My Success Academy Inc.
My Success Academy Inc.

My Success Academy teaches people how to “Create Their Own Business in One Day”

My Success Academy’s new online store offers the new “Create Your Own Business in One Day” workbook.

Schaumburg, IL, July 05, 2005 --( My Success Academy ( announced today that it has launched a new online store, “The Success Store” that will help customers in their journey towards success. Whether customers want the look of success, to hear motivational media or learn how to “create your own business in one day,” customers have access to a variety of products at The Success Store.

The “Create Your Own Business in One Day” workshop is an intensive 8 hour workshop that teaches the basics of business. Starting with the mindset of an entrepreneur the workshop takes students through all aspects of business. Topics include, mindset, leadership, business structures, financials, marketing, opportunity recognition and business plan fundamentals. The purpose of the workshop is to enable the participants to learn and complete a basic business plan using the template provided in the workbook.

The new My Success Academy Success Store will increase their products that customers can utilize to compliment the current offering of seminars and workshops. The new service -- part of the My Success Academy’s efforts to gain share of a $25 billion self development market, where clients aim to change their lives and futures -- includes a focus on books, media (audio and video), apparel, office supplies and accessories.

About My Success Academy

My Success Academy is the premiere self development company. Focusing on reaching the individual on a variety of levels My Success Academy provides customers with the necessary tools and motivation to change their mindset. Since success is a state of mind, My Success Academy focuses on taking the student from where they are to where they need to be.
• Create Your own Business in One Day Workshop - This workshop will teach you how to create your own business in one day. An intensive 8 hour workshop that teaches the basics of business.
• Successful Thinker Newsletter - This monthly newsletter was created to provide a resource of information and motivation.
• WCEO Success Eagle Radio - This Internet radio station was created to help you get your daily fix of motivational music and talk shows.
• MSA Success Store - This store will have all your apparel, books, media, office supplies and accessories that will help showcase your continuous pursuit of success.

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