Successfully Launched Global Publishing Industry Portal, Seeks Investors and Partners For Next Stage, a successfully launched state-of-the-art Internet publishing portal serving the global writing and book publishing community now seeks investors and strategic partners.

Burlington, WA, July 05, 2005 --(, a successfully launched state-of-the-art Internet publishing portal serving the global writing and book publishing community now seeks investors and strategic partners.

“We have reached the point where we are much more than an idea,” states Patricia Kelley, CEO. “We are operating, building a membership base and continuing to develop services. For an investor, there isn’t going to be a significant time delay between investing and revenue generation. We are there. We have launched. The guesswork is gone. Now we’re going after the 25-50 million dollar annual revenue potential---and an investor or two to help with operations and marketing capital will expedite our plans.”

The book publishing industry is an estimated 25 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. One industry source estimates that 25 million people are thinking about writing a book, and 14 million of those have started one. Another major newspaper report suggests that over 80% of the US population are either writing a book or thinking about writing a book. Whichever estimate is closest to reality, there is truth to the old adage, “everyone has a book in them.”

And, not limited to the United States’ publishing industry, is capitalizing on the global potential. Highly noted and respected publishers, agents, writers and others representing the global diversity of the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Poland, Portugal, India and Australia are already found on

Even though almost every one of book publishing’s design and production functions is now digital, the industry’s acquisitions capability has been left behind, virtually alone, back in the 1950s. This has remained true despite the fact that a huge percentage of publishing people are Internet users and the amount of time all Americans spend on the Internet has doubled in five years.

The extensive planning and developing of services and software have been rewarded with rave initial reviews.

“Wow. Is this ever impressive and exciting. There is no site like it,” responded Ron Chepesiuk, internationally renowned journalist, Fulbright Scholar and member of the UCLA faculty, “It’s going to make a tremendous splash. Congratulations. I think a revolution is about to begin.”

“Your site looks fabulous and I can hardly wait to really dig into it,” wrote Kathy Cordova, best selling author and TV talk show host.

Exclusive software allows publishers, agents and writers to offer rights to their books, proposals and projects easily and efficiently. The same efficiency and exclusivity is also the aim of the website’s unique Calls for Submission software.

Other features include Deal Talk, a deal-reporting database; a full-featured jobs board with resume-maker; exclusive eCards that are publishing industry-specific; personal blogs for every member in an exclusive Blogitorium; a email address for members; forums; podcasts with industry leaders, IPTV [Internet Protocol Television]; an eLearniversity where all things writing and publishing will be taught; columnists reporting exclusively from inside the industry on subjects ranging from the increasingly influential independent houses to the latest “Hit Lit”-- black writing with street cred-- to agents hiring press agents, to Hollywood’s take on graphic novels and cartoons. is a division of Pitch Portals, LLC and is privately held. They are currently seeking like-minded accredited investors for operations and growth. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 969, Burlington, WA 98233, and the corporate phone number is 360-542-8304.

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