One Circle App Creates Cool Animated Characters

The One Circle App represents an emerging category of products that target kids and family. This new game lets you design and share interactive animated characters on the iPhone™ and iPod touch®. Create a character using simple circles, then see how it reacts to touch and sound. Email your favorites to friends and use them to personalize IM and social networking.

Boise, ID, November 05, 2009 --( The One Circle™ App is a fun new building game that lets you create interactive, animated characters that respond to touch and sound on the iPhone™ and iPod touch®. Using a simple interface and five circle-parts; build funny interactive creatures that you can play with and share. Email your favorite creations to friends and use them to personalize IM and social network icons.

The One Circle App is a creative activity for the whole family. The developers, Antonia Chappell and Walter Aviles, veterans of successful entertainment and technology companies, noticed people passing their iPhones and iPod touches to their children and set out to create an engaging app for kids that would spark their imaginations. During testing, they discovered that people of all ages love to build and play with these cute animated creatures, and the ability to share characters and use them for social networking adds another dimension to the experience.

Design a RIC (Responsive Interactive Character) and then poke, flick, pet, tap, shake and yell to see how your little animated creations react. Experiment with your designs to discover each RIC’s unique personality, and marvel at how many different creatures you can build with circles.

“It’s amazing how many things you can create using this app.” says 8 year old Ben Nichols. “I love building RICs! They’re like making my own interactive cartoon.” Working mom, Ilana Rubel, says: “My kids love this app, and so do I. It lets them use their imagination, and is a great activity when we’re traveling, or just hanging out.”

The one circle App is currently available on the App Store℠ for $1.99. For more information, please visit or

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one circle App Screenshot

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