Sonitrol Pacific Ends "Paranormal" Quest at School

Bremerton, WA, November 08, 2009 --( After Sonitrol Pacific security detected suspicious activity, police arrested three juveniles who broke into a Washington school to act out scenes they saw in the movie “Paranormal Activity” October 27.

Operator Michael Young received audio activations from the west hallway of the school, heard glass breaking and voices, and dispatched the authorities to the scene.

Three individuals inside the school saw police arrive and tried to make a break for it out the back door. They walked out the back door and found themselves starring down the gun barrels of the police.

Once in custody, the three told officers they recently saw “Paranormal Activity” and wanted to act out the movie in the school’s cavernous halls. In addition to trespassing, the suspects used fire extinguishers to create special effects.

Unmoved by the budding thespians’ performance, police arrested all three.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton