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What's in YOUR Time Bank?

Today, you have 1,440 minutes in your Time Bank. These precious minutes can not be stored or rolled over to be used when frantically needed. We can only spend these precise minutes, hopefully in a wise economical manner.

Manchester, NH, October 03, 2006 --( As a nation of multi-taskers, how often have you been commuting to work, while speaking with a client on your cell phone, reviewing notes for a morning meeting, eating a cereal bar, juggling a cup of morning java, adding to your personal To Do list, or maybe making a few notes regarding an oil change and a vet appointment for your darling Rufus?

You try to squeeze in every last minute possible in order to preserve a quality balance of both your personal and professional lifestyles. You know it isn't easy, and there are some days, you are working on borrowed time, wishing for a few meager moments of peace and taskless time.

Rushing out the door, you may have realized that you forgot to do the grocery shopping for tonight's dinner, and you left your clothes for the dry cleaner in your closet, and it is Aunt Betty's birthday, but you aren't able to leave the office today, due to the corporate presentation about work/life balance.

Spending endless hours running errands and completing your To Do list equates to an abundance of lost life's time.

Can you afford that?

You can successfully add to your Time Bank by outsourcing some of your everyday mundane errands and concierge tasks, giving you back quality time to do what you want to do, rather than what you need to do. 

New Hampshire based, Ace Concierge is the company providing errand and concierge services to the time-starved community, assisting with work/life balance issues.  In today's fast-paced society, domestic assistance has become more of a necessity, rather than a luxury. Our calendars are bursting with work commitments, personal affairs, family obligations and unending lists of chores and household responsibilities, leaving negligible essential "me time", needed to focus and refresh. With respect to your personal wishes, wants, and needs, they created their timesaving service solutions. To achieve a more balanced life, you will no longer need to work harder, run faster, and "cram" more into your hectic day.

Through their partnership, they hope you will gain an enhanced quality of life with delegation of some of your mundane, everyday tasks, that you may not want to do, don't have time to do, or simply, do not like to do. Ace Concierge will manage your To Do list, enabling you to focus on what is important, rather than on what needs to be done.

Banking Numbers Ace Concierge Gives You:

4 hours per week
16 hours per month
24 working days per year
A savings of 192 total hours or 13 weekends per year.

What would you do with 13 more weekends per year in your Time Bank?

Delegate and outsource your tasks to Ace Concierge and see your 1,440 minutes grow to be an effective productive use of your treasured time.  Give us your To Do list, and we will give you the time.

Ace Concierge
Susan Poirier