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RoboCounsellor has added Transactional Analysis to the conventional counselling it delivers interactively free of charge to almost anyone. It does this by taking conventional counselling actions and duplicating not the actions themselves but their essence.

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, November 13, 2009 --( Paul N. Adams announces the addition of Transactional Analysis to RoboCounsellor at, that delivers conventional counselling free of charge to users. Adams began computer-delivered counselling in 2006, after a thirty-year history in counselling and self-development.

Background: Eric Berne developed Transactional Analysis and detailed it in his 1964 book, "Games People Play". The general idea is that at any one time a person is governed by one of three "ego states", called "Parent", "Adult" and "Child." "Adult" is sensible and rational, and the other two are hangovers from the past. A person whining about an uncomfortable job assignment, for instance, is probably unconsciously acting out of a Child state at that moment. The standard Transactional Analysis approach involves getting the client to explore times she behaved in such a manner and to decide which state she was operating from at the time, hopefully with a view to changing her future behaviour to a more Adult kind.

In RoboCounsellor Transactional Analysis sessions, the user will similarly explore such "out of character" behaviours. However, in addition to the above analysis, the client is first invited to role-play the "right" behaviour, on the theory that if she has been in the habit of doing it wrong for 15 years she could certainly use some practice in doing it right. Then, if desired, the client can do a deeper probe into the exact identity of the person she has been unknowingly channelling, so to speak. She would do this with a view to blowing off that unwanted identity and becoming able to act simply as herself in future similar situations.

At present RoboCounsellor has two session modules, delivering Rogerian Therapy and Transactional Analysis. Adams plans to have a psychodrama module online by the end of November.

Adams also says he is working on adding robot voices to the site as an option in case users get tired of hearing him all the time.

About RoboCounsellor:
RoboCounsellor is a website that interactively delivers the essence of conventional counselling like Rogerian Therapy or Transactional Analysis. It does this in real time free of charge 24/7 to registered users. Registration is free.

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