Business Coaching Got a Queensland Start-Up Really Rolling

After starting Beel Welding and Fabrication, Chris Robertson was spending more time at work and less at home. He soon hired an ActionCOACH Business Coach, Warrick Bidwell, to fix that.

Las Vegas, NV, November 20, 2009 --( Three years ago, Chris Robertson and his family moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. With his own business, Robertson thought he’d have a flexible schedule to enable him to enjoy the beaches and golf courses, but unfortunately, with his business, he actually didn’t have a flexible schedule.

Robertson was working all the time at his business, Beel Welding and Fabrication – long days, every Saturday and some Sundays. And worst of all, he wasn’t making as much money as he knew he could.

Three months ago, however, he hired an ActionCOACH Business Coach, Warrick Bidwell, and his business situation has vastly improved.

Robertson actually took some convincing to hire a Coach– Bidwell’s team got in touch with him a year ago, but couldn’t convince him that business coaching was a worthy investment. Five months ago Bidwell invited him to an Intro to Business Coaching seminar, which he couldn’t attend.

But finally, Robertson attended a Business Diagnostic with Bidwell, hired him as a Business Coach, and Beel Welding and Fabrication has been doing better ever since.

“In the past three months, we’ve been putting goals and systems in place for his team as well as developing Chris’ leadership and confidence,” Bidwell said. “He’s now only working the occasional Saturday and no Sundays. He’s spending more time with his children and his wife.”

“We’ve also improved the financial side of the business, for example, by measuring everything we’ve worked out that his rework and materials wastage is costing him almost $80,000 p.a. By putting in place bonuses based on accuracy and productivity for his team, this will add over $50,000 to his net profit, which is about 12 percent,” he added.

When considering whether or not to hire a Business Coach, Robertson was most concerned with how much money Bidwell could save him down the line and could he get his quality of life back.

It seems that he got that and then some – he is about to buy his dream car, a brand new V8 Ute.

But that dream car is only a piece of the whole pie, and Robertson still has work to do. “We’re continuing to work toward reducing his work hours whilst maintaining revenue and profit at its steadily growing levels,” Bidwell said. “This will be through systems, leadership and improvements to marketing, specifically defining target market and aligning the business with quality suppliers and alliances.”

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