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A Safe Kids Card wallet size CD saves time in the event of an emergency. 3 photos, fingerprint and emergency info available within seconds.

Wilmington, DE, July 09, 2005 --( In the event that your child is lost or in need of emergency medical attention, every second counts. In those situations, Jennifer Hawkins of Delaware, can help to make those seconds really mean something.

Mrs. Hawkins and her husband, Donovan, are introducing Delaware to My Family CD, a product line of enhanced compact discs the size of a business card that contain all of a child's information local and national agencies would need in an emergency.

Each CD, which is set up to run in any computer that uses Microsoft Windows, provides basic information on the child, such as medical insurance coverage, allergies, medications and contact phone numbers.

The CD, which also provides three photos of the child, could help reduce the time of preparing paperwork that hospitals or law enforcement agencies require in emergencies.

Mrs. Hawkins, a former educator and a mother, is a believer that the My Family CD products are an absolute necessity for any family.

"It is vital," she said Tuesday. "The information is right there, so instead of having to take the time to fill out paperwork something is actually being done. It takes about three hours to process a missing child alert. The CD saves a least an hour."

Mrs. Hawkins is aware that while the goal of her business is ultimately to help protect families, some parents may be skeptical of giving anyone the kind of personal information that is required for the CD.

She says the procedure is completely safe because, unlike other organizations that provide similar services, My Family CD does not maintain a database of the children's information.

All of the sensitive data is recorded onto a disc that is given to the parents, who are the only ones to keep the information.

"Other companies keep it in their computer," Mrs. Hawkins said. "We don't. It's your information, you own it."

Armed with only a laptop and a digital fingerprint scanner, Mrs. Hawkins processes the information, scans the child's fingerprints, gets weight and height measurements, and takes three quick digital photos.

The CD can be enhanced to include audio and video clips of your child and documents such as medical records or adoption certificates.

The process takes about five minutes and the completed CDs are returned to the parents within a few days.

Mrs. Hawkins said the service should not be viewed as necessary just for children.

She recalled a story of an adult client requiring medical attention after passing out. Upon finding a card in her possession, the hospital was able to determine that she was diabetic and provided the correct attention and medications.

My Family CD is also a good idea for Alzheimer's patients and those with autism who are likely to wander off, Mrs. Hawkins said.

They'll even make a CD of your family pet -- without the fingerprints.

FOR A CLOSER LOOK: My Family CD can be contacted by calling (302) 285-0054 or on the Internet at

My Family CD of Delaware
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