DIG Coaching Practice Presents Coaching Adolescent Children with ADHD on Attention Talk Radio with Host Jeff Copper and ADD Coach Diane Ladd

Jeff Copper of DIG Coaching Practice interview ADD adolescent coach Diane Ladd on Attention Talk Radio December 4, 2009, at 2:00 p.m.

Tampa, FL, November 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Jeff Copper, host of Attention Talk Radio presented by DIG Coaching Practice, takes an insightful look at coaching children with ADHD with guest Diane Ladd. Ladd will share her approach, techniques, and proven strategies that help adolescents with attention deficit hyperactive disorder move forward. Ladd is an intuitive coach who trusts her gut instincts while coaching and teaching. She is the founder of ADD Life Coaching and has a rich and diverse background in managing attention deficit disorder.

The public is invited to join in the discussion by logging on to Attention Talk Radio on Friday, December 4, 2009, at 2:00 pm ET or by calling 646-652-4409 to listen or ask questions. Attention Talk Radio is a live, interactive, Internet talk-radio show hosted by attention coach Jeff Copper and produced by DIG Coaching Practice. The show focuses on insight and insightful thinking, preparing the mind to solve problems through insight, or the sudden comprehension after viewing something in a different light. The show schedule, stream, and archives are available at blogtalkradio.com/attentiontalkradio immediately following the show. Listeners can also subscribe to the archives via the RSS feed located on the host page or on iTunes.

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Jeff Copper, DIG Coaching Practice, is one of the world's ONLY attention coaches. He brings diverse experience and wisdom to help individuals, particularly those impacted by attention deficit disorder (ADD) or its symptoms, pay attention to the right thing. DIG Coaching excavates successful outcomes daily just by coaching individuals to pay attention to the right things. To learn more, visit digcoaching.com to download your free copy of "Finding the Obvious Solutions When They Aren't So Obvious"

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