Successful Stock Investment Strategy Now Available Online

Los Angeles, CA, July 12, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Los Angeles investor, Alan Korber, creator of the Korber Strategy, announces the publication of the proprietary stock market investment strategy.

The Korber Strategy is a relatively simple and easy technique which uses certain parameters to identify stocks that have high potential return - with low acceptable risk.

Mr. Korber states, "what my strategy does is use certain fundamentals of the stock market to give me a big advantage as an individual investor; using my strategy I have been able to outperform the market ... and earn up to 5 times as much as I normally could investing in the average mutual fund."

Asked why he is divulging his proprietary stock market strategy Korber responded, "I showed the strategy to a friend of mine who is a former Wall St professional. When he realized what the strategy did and how successful it was he convinced me that there could be a lot of individual investors who might be interested in knowing how I use the strategy to find and invest in stocks that earn me up to 50% or more annualized return - with low acceptable risk."

The Korber Strategy has now been published and is available online in the form of a short, easy-to-read stock market investment manual. For more information go to http://akorber.com

Alan Korber