Samuel Servedio Announces Predator Marketing System Home Based Business Opportunity & Veretekk at the Pittsburgh Convention Center on Oct 13, 2006 at 1 PM

On October 13, 2006 at 1 PM, Samuel Servedio will give a brief overview of the Predator Marketing System and the Veretekk home based business models at the Pittsburgh Convention Center‘s Annual Trade Show. Samuel will discuss the benefits of learning how to advertise for yourself versus purchasing advertising online.

Wexford, PA, October 07, 2006 --( On October 13, 2006 at 1 PM, home business entrepreneur Samuel Servedio will give a brief overview of the home based business model Predator Marketing System and Veretekk Lead Generation Technology at the Pittsburgh Convention Center’s Annual Trade Show.

At a ripe age of 23, this will be Samuel's first time speaking at the Convention Center. “I am not worried about giving a speech about Predator and Veretekk,” stated Samuel. “They are two honest companies and I take pride in giving a speech on their behalf."

At the convention Samuel will talk about how the Predator Marketing System and Veretekk focus on teaching regular people how to effectively market and advertise their existing home based businesses online without having to buy expensive leads or pay for costly ads. He will also briefly discuss the benefits of both Predator Marketing System and Veretekk’s generous compensation plan as well.

When asked why Predator? Why Veretekk? Samuel replied, “It’s simple. Predator and Veretekk are teaching me how to do business the right way and for myself. I do not have to buy leads anymore thanks to Predator and Veretekk. I know have the know-how to get my own traffic for free.”

Samuel went on to tell how Veretekk alone helped his Prosperity Automated Business generate $50,000 in 4 months.

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Samuel Servedio has been an online success for the past 2 years. He provides 1 on 1 home business success coaching on lead generation, creating personal wealth, and internet advertising for online businesses.

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