Predator is Now 1 Month Old and Rocking the Internet Like No Other

The Predator Automated Marketing System is on the Move.

Mobile, AL, October 10, 2006 --( Mentors on a Mission, a global training and marketing company, released a new, totally automated marketing system, Predator Automated Marketing System (PAMS) in early September 2006. PAMS is an automated marketing system that consists of a website with a flash movie presentation and customizable links to the member’s own businesses. The leads are generated using a state-of-the-art automated lead generation system.

Mentor, Geraldine Bryant states; “The Predator Automated Marketing System (PAMS) is an all-in-one state-of-the-art system that allows work from home, work at home, part time Internet Business, stay at home Moms, and Moms work from home to create unlimited streams of ever-increasing income - Automatically!”

She further stated; “There are all kinds of automated systems out there on the internet, but they all fall short in lead generation. The marketers of these systems have typically had to generate the prospects by spending hundreds of dollars per month in marketing and buying leads - not with Predator.”

Ms. Bryant investigated a select group of internet marketers and found out that work from home, work at home, part time Internet Business, stay at home Moms and work from home Moms are tired of playing money games, and want to get down to business.

She asked the above group of marketers; “How many books, tapes, and seminars have you gained knowledge from? How many of those have you actually gone out and applied the principles you learned? What do you focus your energy on? What should you just totally ignore? What if you ignore the good stuff and focus on the wrong stuff? That could be a total disaster.”

She found that most marketers have attempted a few items, but the biggest challenge is many of the trainers out there are teaching things that are hard for people to apply. Again – not with Predator.

Are you ready to understand the power of focus? Are you ready to plug into some of the most cutting edge training that isn't being taught by most of the leaders in the industry yet is causing those who apply this knowledge to reach new levels of success?

If so, then go to PAMS site at: for more information.

Mentor, Geraldine Bryant concluded; “There's a reason many marketers have joined, and are still joining Predator. They're using this lead generator marketing concept to create amazing incomes across multiple programs and opportunities!”

Geraldine J. Bryant