Automation, Education and Opportunity Equals Big Success Online

New Internet Business Model that teaches step by step training on promoting any product or service online.

Charlotte, NC, October 10, 2006 --( The creation of Automated Internet Business Systems eliminates the biggest obstacles to making money online. Internet Marketing leaders Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl had a vision when they created the 1 Step System. By combining Automation, Education and Opportunity the 1 Step System would be complete business model that could deliver results. Paying $2,500,000 in commissions to over 6,000 Business Builders in the first 60 days far exceeded their expectations.

It is estimated that almost 8,000 people join a Home Internet Business every day in the United States. Lured with the promise of making fast, easy money, with little or no training, leads to the high attrition rate and failure percentage. Industry experts agree that business models dependent on duplication face great challenges. Up-lines or sponsors with little experience and low skill sets spend thousands trying to recruit and build while generating little to no profit.

According to Stephanie Woolford-Bales, Internet Author and Entrepreneur, “The 1 Step System affords the average person, regardless of experience or educational background in the marketing arena with a genuine opportunity to create an immediate and above-average income. For those sincere in their desire to master the art of marketing and break the chains of financial bondage in their lives, the opportunity has finally arrived and the playing field has been leveled. Most people experience repeated failed attempts to create an income online by way of simple, yet flawed guesstimating. The 1 Step System provides them the means to dominate the arena through the education it offers those who are truly willing to learn.”

Frustration over shady techniques and unethical practices led to the creation of her latest project. In order to make money online, people needed to know the step by step commitment needed to succeed online. This truth-based strategy has really paid off. Ranked in the Top 2 Income Earners with 1 Step System, Stephanie shares her proven techniques and favorite tools in detail, allowing even the inexperienced marketer to succeed online.

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Lisa Edwards