Don’t Let Your Holiday Go Up in Flames

SafetySkills™ offers holiday cooking safety tips.

Oklahoma City, OK, December 17, 2009 --( Safety in the kitchen will save a perfect holiday dinner from ending with the fire department hosing down your Christmas ham. Kitchen fires are a major concern during the holidays and some simple safety tips could prevent a Christmas disaster.

Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking. Leaving cooking food unattended is the number 1 cause of kitchen fires.

Keep cloth items away from heat sources. Wearing long sleeves while cooking and leaving potholders and dishtowels lying near the stove are great ways to accidentally start a fire. Roll up long sleeves and place potholders and dishtowels away from the stove and oven.

Do not have too many cooks in the kitchen. Make sure there is enough room for everyone to cook well and safely. Nobody wants to get burned or cut, but chaos in the kitchen leads to accidents so keep things calm.

Cleanliness is godliness. Many people do not realize that keeping kitchens clean reduces the risk of fire. Leftover grease and food can catch fire in burners, the oven, pots and pans.

Grease is the enemy. Grease and oil can easily ignite if they get too hot. Cook very carefully and lower the heat whenever smoke appears. If a grease fire occurs, try to smother it with a lid. Never attempt to put it out with water, this will cause the fire to spread further.

Call 911. Every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen as a precaution, but sometimes the fire department still needs to be called. If a fire occurs and you are unable to put it out, call 911 immediately and flee the home.

“Our goal is to give people the information they need to enjoy life while being safe,” said Trey Greene, CEO of and creator of SafetySkills™. “Everyone should have a great holiday, especially with the hardships so many are experiencing. Helping out in any way we can is what holiday spirit is all about.”

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