Is the 1 Step System a Legitimate Business Opportunity or a Scam? Gene Patterson Reveals the Truth.

In this report Gene Patterson discusses the phenominal money making opportunity the 1 Step System offers the average person. This is a truly automated system that anyone can do. The information and software in the Ultimate Marketer's Toolbox are all a person needs to build a successful online business.

Peachtree City, GA, October 13, 2006 --( In a discussion with Gene Patterson he revealed that he had conducted an extensive search on the most popular internet and home based business opportunities out there.  He states, "Many of the quote business opportunities and home based businesses that I found were not great at all.  Many are designed to make those who get in first rich and leave other holding the bag."

When looking into a business to start on the internet, look at opportunties that do not have a lot of negative press, and ones in which the newer associates are doing well and not just the ones who were in at the beginning.  There are many good business opportunities out there the key is doing your homework.

When discussing the 1 Step System, Gene says, "When I really looked into what the system had to offer I was taken back.  Here was a truly automated business with tremendous money making potential with a low start-up fee.  I had to pinch myself, as this seemed too good to be true.  I later found out after joining the system and working with the tools provided in the Ultimate Marketer's Toolkit, that it was in fact truely a great business."  He says that the system has is all inclusive in that it gives you all the tools needed for success.  You get a professional website, training ebooks, training videos, training audios, and the best back office support in the business.

Gene Patterson is President of Skyco Group an internet business holding company in which he runs his 1 Step System business.  If you are looking for an internet business or home based business, Mr. Patterson will give you a free consultation based on his extensive research in the arena.  You can contact him by phone at (404) 803-0758, by email at, or on the web at

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