FisherGirl Sets Sites In ICAST International Waters

FisherGirl, Inc., is introducing its new line of women's fishing rods, gear, accessories and clothing at ICAST in Las Vegas next week.

Milton, Canada, July 14, 2005 --( Milton, Ontario based FisherGirl Inc. launched its exclusive line of women’s fishing rods and equipment in the Canadian market earlier this year and is now looking to launch into international waters at the ICAST show in Las Vegas this July 20-22 (booth# 811).

Made with women’s 'functional needs' and fashion sensibilities in mind, the goal of FisherGirl’s products is to introduce women to fishing and to create positive and successful experiences.

There is a need for fishing equipment specifically made for women. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service there are 34.1 million anglers in America and approximately 26 percent are women. Additionally, of the 28.4 million freshwater anglers in America, 26 percent are women. The numbers of women anglers continue to rise as witnessed by the increasing presence of women in tournaments.

FisherGirl strives to tackle the misconception that fishing is predominantly a man’s sport. "Anybody can fish. Fish don’t discriminate as to who catches them, be it male or female, young or old. People today are searching for something that is different from the ordinary experience and FisherGirl offers this through fishing," says FisherGirl founder and avid angler, Terri MacKinnon. "We want to share our passion for fishing and the outdoors with other women and introduce them and their families to a healthy lifestyle."

The creation of the first FisherGirl Pink Fishing Rod came initially from MacKinnon’s desire to distinguish her dark-coloured fishing rods from her husband’s to curb his friends from ’borrowing’ her fishing equipment. She painted one of her fishing rods with bright pink nail polish. The colour made her think of the pink ribbon that signifies Breast Cancer support and her sister who was at that time struggling with the disease. The result was the creation of FisherGirl.

The colour of the fishing rod and the pink ribbon signifying support for Breast Cancer made for a perfect partnership – Cast for a Cure™. For every sale of a FisherGirl product, 10 per cent goes towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, to breast cancer research and to help with the recovery of its survivors.

Having the right equipment for fishing is a must. A man’s fishing rod doesn’t fit properly in a woman’s hand, it’s too heavy for a couple hours of use, and usually comes in a dark masculine colour. FisherGirl created the Pink Fishing Rod and its line of equipment and apparel for women so that women can enjoy fishing in comfort and with success. "We want to lure women to fishing by providing them with equipment that works for them," say MacKinnon. "First you need the passion, and then you need the right equipment."

FisherGirl products are made for females of all ages, from children to adults, to provide the opportunity to enjoy fishing at any age. Products include, the Minnow fishing rod (ages 2 to 6), Tadpole fishing rod (ages 6 to 12), the Foxy fishing rod (ages 13 to 19), the Mermaid fishing rod (ages 19 and up), the Pearl Fly fishing rod and the Limited Edition Breast Cancer Survival Rod.

Michael Vander Sande