TranslationsPal – A New Web Company Announces Innovative Human Translation in Real Time Platform That Integrates Marketplace and Translation Delivery

Petya Ivanova today unveiled – an innovative, web-based translation service platform for connecting customers in search for fast and low-cost translation service and qualified translators in search for freelance jobs.

Varna, Bulgaria, December 24, 2009 --( TranslationsPal is a fast and user-friendly Online In Real Time translation service, designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, for both business and personal users who require quality and cost-effectiveness and can’t rely on inaccurate computer translations. Its key benefit is that the service is not only provided in real time, but there is actual input by human translators. That is, you submit a text through the site and then it is directly assigned to a translator that will begin working on it. When the finished piece is ready you will be provided a link in order to review it.

“This new web service is a flexible solution for any translation needs. Why flexible? TranslationsPal supports 41 languages which means a great number of language pairs! We have a worldwide network of over 600 qualified translators available. Customers may choose between 3 service levels – basic, native and pro but before that they can check in real time the number of available and free translators for the desired language pair. Besides the fast and easy processing of the submitted texts, the 24-hour global availability is one of the great advantages of offering translation services online!”, says TranslationsPal founder Petya Ivanova.

Generally, the machine translation is speedier than the manual translation. Ten times, twenty times more? It doesn’t matter when it comes to getting things done the right way. Because sometimes the result would change your future business. Or future relationship. As for translation, the first most important factor is Quality, not quantity. Traditional translation provides excellent results but it would simply be too slow and too costly.

In brief, TranslationsPal aims to break language barriers through the use of technology. It’s a fact: the world is globalizing. This means that people not necessarily speaking the same language must come together to communicate and be connected. People are speaking different languages and they will need translation more and more. What they do is to make machines do the translation projects management, thus saving time, and not the translation itself.

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