RSM Capital Group Strategies Help Small Businesses Close More Than 180 Government Contracts

How Small Businesses Accelerate Revenue and Business Strategy During a Recession.

Saint Louis, MO, January 08, 2010 --( According to The New York Times, more than 400,000 businesses with fewer than 100 employees ceased operations, accounting for a loss of one million jobs in the first quarter of 2009. Due to current economic conditions, there is a contraction taking place in both commercial and government markets. For many small businesses that survived 2009, they placed a majority of their emphasis on managing cash flow through reductions in headcount, marketing activities, and office space. But in 2010, businesses will need to adjust their activities by differentiating their solutions and realigning how they approach the market.

RSM Capital Group, a business acceleration strategy firm, has a solution for small business that currently operates or plans to operate in the government space: The 2010 Manual for Government Sales. The techniques and strategies presented in this manual have resulted in companies winning more than a 180 contracts. RSM’s techniques educate small business on how to approach the market and win new business by educating their prospects and differentiating their core competencies.

“I spent ten years designing and capturing these strategies which culminated in more than 2,000 hours of development to complete the manual,” states Joshua Frank, Principal and Senior Consultant for RSM. “Companies should focus less on managing headcount and more on management of the new business function, positioning for and winning new business. The RSM Manual provides a step-by-step roadmap on how businesses transition from a stabilization strategy to a business acceleration strategy.”

For companies struggling to keep their doors open, these techniques and strategies provide detailed and repeatable processes which enable management to better focus their management, marketing and sales teams. “We used only a fraction of the RSM Manual and we quickly positioned our company for a $2 Million contract,” states Patricia Smith, Principal of Professional Services Consultants in Washington DC.

“We found that most small businesses are either afraid of consultants or believe they can not afford one. But without a mentor or trusting the insight from an outside source, they fail to sustain revenue and in this economy may be forced to close their doors. As a result, we identified a niche where small business required a cost effective strategy to realign each business function into an integrated process for accelerating revenue producing activities. The RSM Manual, with more than 180 contract wins, is both cost effective and one of the most detailed and comprehensive resources in the market,” Frank concluded.

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