Now Face North is Now Continja

Indianapolis, IN, January 15, 2010 --( Now Face North, Inc. today announced that to better communicate its business interests it will adopt the assumed business name Continja. Official use of the name will take effect immediately.

"Continja more accurately reflects our focus on contingency planning and organizational resiliency," said Chad M. Goode, principal consultant. "By aligning our name with our area of expertise, we will increase the visibility of the company and our brand and gain more recognition in the market and with our customers."

The name Now Face North, Inc. was conceived at the founding of the company in 2005. It was chosen with the connotation of a change in direction and a shift in strategy at a time when most companies were not thinking about business continuity beyond their IT departments and data recovery.

"Back then, the focus was on creating awareness," Goode added. "But times have changed. While we still find a lot of organizations and communities lagging behind in adequate planning and risk management, they are more aware that that there are steps they can take. Continja is the right name for the company and solutions we provide."

About Continja:
Continja is based in Greenwood, Indiana and, since 2005, provides business continuity and disaster recovery planning solutions to corporations, small businesses, non-profits and communities world-wide. More information can be found at the company's website at

Chad M. Goode
704 S. State Road 135
Ste D-197
Greenwood, IN 46143