Samuel Servedio Announces His Qualifying Sale from Predator Marketing System Home Business

In only 3 short weeks working the Predator Marketing System, Samuel Servedio was able to make his qualifying sale. He is now in a money making position to make $1000 and $3000 commissions for life. Samuel’s affirmative marketing strategy, Veretekk, is set to take his Predator home business to the next level.

Wexford, PA, October 20, 2006 --( On Friday October 13, 2006 a proud Samuel Servedio announced to the world his qualifying sale with the Predator Marketing System home business.

“Getting sales with Predator is not difficult at all,” Samuel proclaimed, “You just need to plug into the trainings until you get it, and then play around with what you have learned until you start getting the results you are looking to achieve.”

The Predator Marketing System works side by side with a well known advanced marketing company called Veretekk. Veretekk actually offers free classes that teach you how to effectively market online. “Combining these two powerful marketing companies has truly set the standard for a new age in home business, and the whole network marketing industry in my opinion,” Samuel stated firmly.

When asked about Samuel’s future plans he went on to state, “Now that I have qualified I plan on making a minimum of 3 sales per week at $3,000 a pop.” Samuel will generate free high quality premium leads utilizing the free traffic portals that Veretekk offers. These premium leads will then be presented with Samuel’s Predator Marketing System. “So far I’ve had really responsive leads and have also had the pleasure of talking and networking with a lot of really great people,” Samuel said. “These are the best leads I have ever worked with end of story.”

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Samuel Servedio has been an online success for the past 2 years. He provides 1 on 1 home business success coaching on lead generation, creating personal wealth, and internet advertising for online home businesses.

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