Rubric Gains IPMA Certification

International certification in project management complements Rubric's expertise.

San Jose, CA, October 23, 2006 --( Rubric announced today that their project management staff has IPMA certified members, bring a new dimension to Rubric's existing project management expertise.

"We pride ourselves at being very well versed at project management disciplines," said Francoise Spurling, COO at Rubric.  "Now one of our top project managers has received IPMA certification on project management competence.  This further broadens our focus on providing the best service in the localization business."

Rubric project manager Jo Clayton received Level-D certification from the International Project Management Association (IPMA) via Rubric's membership in the Association for Project Management, which Rubric joined earlier in 2006.  The IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) tests for the knowledge and experience expected from the managers of projects, programs and project portfolios.

"Passing IPMA certification is non-trivial," said Clayton.  "Becoming a Certified Project Management Associate entails examination by an independent third party assessment, and demonstrating that you have project management knowledge in all competence elements.  This certification means that I can practice in any project management event, have broad project management knowledge and the ability to apply it."

Rubric came to this extra endorsement via the Association for Project Management, where Rubric is contributing to their "Body of Knowledge."  APM is the largest independent professional organization of its kind in Europe, with over 14,500 individual and 350 corporate members.

"Rubric customers give us a 99% satisfaction rating," said Ian Henderson, CEO of Rubric.  "This is due to many factors, where effective localization project management is central.  This certification is icing on Rubric's project management cake, and gives our customers even more confidence in their decision to partner with us."

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