"Inside Business with Fred Thompson" Addressing How to Increase Efficiency in Corporate America

Coral Springs, FL, January 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Inside Business with Fred Thompson announces as part of its 2010 Editorial Calendar, a new series on Increasing Efficiency in Corporate America.

In order to survive these uncertain economic times, many of America's corporations are cutting back and downsizing. And, while operational expenses are being lowered, for many businesses, the additional workload comes at a high price. From a decrease in output and productivity, to diminished customer service ratings, many of these businesses are experiencing additional losses.

From the expertise provided by business management consultants, to the latest in business management software offerings, there are a variety of services and products available to help businesses get over the hurdles and increase their efficiency.

In this new series, Inside Business with Fred Thompson will educate viewers on the ways in which Corporate America is overcoming its newfound challenges.

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Jim Nicholas