Cable TV Bulk & Access Agreement Review Program Helps Condos & HOAs in Making the Best Decisions While Saving Money

Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. Expert Review Program assists Condominium, Homeowner Associations and Managers to better evaluate and understand the opportunities and pitfalls of proposed new and renewal Cable TV, Internet and Phone service contracts.

Davie, FL, January 27, 2010 --( With many condominium and homeowner associations’ experiencing increases in unit owner maintenance delinquencies, saving money while selecting the best Cable TV, Internet and Phone service options has become more important than ever. In keeping with its commitment to support residential associations, Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. today announced a program designed to help associations and their property managers to better evaluate and understand the changing opportunities and pitfalls of proposed “bulk” and “non-bulk” access only Cable TV, Internet and Phone service contracts.

Associations generally have easement or access agreements in place giving providers the right to access their private property for a specified time period. In the past, local telephone companies provided telephone services and local cable companies provided cable television services. For an association, selecting a service provider was relatively easy since choices were few. But in recent years, that’s all changed. “Regulatory changes by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), state-wide cable/video franchising, plus new technologies and increased competition from cable, satellite and telephone companies have created confusion and new opportunities for many associations,” stated Mr. Abbazia, Principal at Broadband Agreement Specialists. “Now cable companies provide quality Internet and phone services, while phone companies also offer quality television and Internet services. Add satellite TV and other competitive service providers to the mix, and the decision and evaluation process becomes much more complex”, added Abbazia.

Many associations and their managers negotiate new and renewal agreements on their own, with a final review by association legal counsel. But that scenario is quickly changing. Broadband Agreement Specialists, an independent, unbiased telecommunications consulting firm is now helping associations to preserve their private property easement/access rights, while saving money and securing competitive voice, video and data options for their communities. “Although our representation and negotiation services have traditionally been provided on a contingency-fee basis, a number of associations and property owners have come to us stating that they have already negotiated an agreement on their own, but are uneasy about signing the contract without first having it reviewed by an industry expert. Not just a review by their legal counsel at the end of the process, but also by someone with hands-on experience from inside the cable television and telephone business itself. In response, we have introduced our Agreement Expert Review Program for association and property owners,” stated Abbazia.

For a one-time "flat rate" fee, the Agreement Expert Review Program provides clients with a review of their proposed video, Internet and/or telephone service agreement. In addition to the agreement terms and conditions, additional areas of evaluation typically include technology, access rights, termination rights, distribution ownership rights and other important issues that may positively or negatively impact the association and its residents over the contract duration. The agreement financial “deal points”, terms and conditions review, with the resulting detail summary analysis document can be completed about a week. With this information, clients then go back on their own and work to complete the negotiation.

“Considering that a typical cable television agreement can have a term length from 5-10 years, it is money well spent to have the proposed contract reviewed by an industry expert”, added Abbazia. Nonetheless, Broadband Agreement Specialists advises clients that the comments and analysis provided under the Agreement Expert Review Program are for information purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. In addition, the company also advises that it is important that the association review any and all agreements with qualified legal counsel before they sign them, for an accurate and legally reliable evaluation of rights and obligations. For additional information with regard to the Agreement Expert Review Program, please visit

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Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. is an independent, unbiased, telecommunications consulting firm dedicated to preserving private property rights, while saving money and securing competitive voice, video and data options for residential communities. With industry expertise derived from over 25 years experience working for premier cable, telephone and cellular telecommunications companies, the company is committed to advising property managers and association boards with regard to today’s telecom issues. Based in South Florida, the company provides contingency-based and flat-rate fee consulting services to residential developers, multifamily owners, condominium and homeowner associations. For additional company information, please visit

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