Mary Kraft Forms Service Delivery Partnership

Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions has partnered with Productivity Cubed, an international coaching and consulting firm, to enhance their client’s business success.

Baltimore, MD, January 29, 2010 --( The strength of a company’s management team determines the strength of the company as a whole. When problems arise at this level and aren’t efficiently addressed, the rest of the team is invariably affected and productivity levels are compromised. Often, these problems cannot be adequately addressed without taking the human component into consideration. Consulting and coaching services geared toward a company’s problem areas can produce essential changes starting from the top down, transforming complacency into productivity, high turnover rates into high retention rates, and general workplace unhappiness into an impassioned workforce that is focused on success.

Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions and Productivity Cubed have partnered to provide clients with customized solutions that will transform management teams from “business as usual” into highly open and cooperative teams. The two companies will help other companies get “unstuck” through the utilization of their combined expertise, resulting in boosted sales and morale, company-wide empowerment, heightened communication and overall growth.

About Productivity Cubed
Productivity Cubed is an international consulting firm that focuses on maximizing human performance for executives and organizations. At the heart of their work is the concept that the beliefs an individual, organization or team holds has a significant impact on results achieved. For more information, go to

About Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions
Since 1989, Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions has partnered with industry-leading healthcare, financial, commercial and service industry clients to increase productivity and drive cost savings through an array of flexible, cost-effective staffing and outsourced HR options. Each year, Mary Kraft’s winning combination of industry-leading staffing expertise and high-quality talent enables hundreds of outstanding companies to respond to ever-changing business needs with unparalleled success. Mary Kraft is certified by the State of Maryland MDOT as a MBE, WBE and DBE, and by the city of Baltimore as a WBE. For more information, go to

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