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Invent-Tech Posts Apology Letter from Inventor to Official Company Website

Coral Gables, FL, January 27, 2010 --( Invention Technologies, Inc., a Coral Gables, Florida-based invention assistance firm, has posted an apology letter addressed to the company from an inventor to its official website. The letter was part of the resolution to a matter that involved the inventor allegedly posting questionable statements about Invention Technologies in a public forum on the Internet .

Among the statements the inventor had allegedly made were accusations that Invention Technologies, Inc. had taken the inventor’s product idea for its own gain and profit without his consent. Invention Technologies, Inc. took legal steps to protect its reputation after being made aware of the online presence of these statements, which they purported to be completely without merit.

As part of the settlement negotiated regarding this issue, the inventor allegedly agreed to compose an official letter of apology to the management and employees of Invention Technologies, Inc. in which he fully retracted his statements. In the letter, the inventor emphasized that he was aware that Invention Technologies, Inc. had not stolen his invention and acknowledged that having posted such statements was likely the biggest mistake he had ever made.

“We believe the end result of this case to be a victory for not only Invention Technologies, but for any public entity that wishes to rightfully protect itself against the increasing lack of personal responsibility seen all over the Internet in terms of baseless statements that are often made”, commented a senior Invention Technologies director. “While we certainly are proponents of free speech, we will never tolerate libelous attacks against our company, and our actions in this case certainly attest to that philosophy. We also felt it would be critical for us to post the details of this action to our company website, so as to provide corroboration of our willingness to defend our reputation."

This apology letter may be viewed in its entirety by visiting Invention Technologies Inc.'s official website,

About Invention Technologies, Inc.: Invention Technologies, Inc. is a Coral Gables, Florida-based invention assistance firm that has served the independent inventor community since 1995 through the offering of high quality invention promotional materials, trade show representation, and licensing negotiation services. Invention Technologies, Inc. continues to diligently protect its reputation as a company that provides services to inventors with the highest levels of accuracy and integrity.

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