Fiery Competition in Distressed Real Estate Market to be Discussed at's Biggest Conference, Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010

REITs Challenge to Find High-Quality Deals with Little Competition to be Dissected at's Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010.

New York, NY, February 07, 2010 --( For public real-estate companies, spending money has turned out to be harder than raising it, even as some signs point to a pickup in big property deals, reports The Wall Street Journal. High-profile distressed real estate experts at's highly anticipated Distressed Investing Leaders Forum 2010, February 26th, New York City, will explore the dynamics of the distressed real estate market in front of around 200 members of the Distressed Investing community, including business executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in private equity firms, hedge funds, financial sponsors, investment banks, limited and general partnerships, lenders, accounting and law firms, and portfolio companies.

The Wall Street Journal explains, "REITs are having difficulty doing deals partly because there is a dearth of product on the market. With commercial-property prices some 35% off their peak, most building owners are keeping their best assets off the market. Those properties that do go on the block are attracting a herd of buyers looking to snap up cheap real estate. Many REIT executives and investors expected the volume of distressed buildings on the market to surge as owners defaulted and lenders foreclosed on property. But while the number of problem loans has been growing, so far this hasn't translated into many fire sales. Banks have been willing to extend loans rather than foreclosing, and the firms that oversee commercial mortgages bundled into securities have also been slow to sell off distressed assets, market participants say."

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