Career Salesman Turns to Internet for Increased Revenue While Reducing Workload, Thanks to Predator Marketing Systems

Randy Barney has searched for the solution of the age old problem; time versus money. How does the average person continuously increase their income without infringing upon time with their family?

Alpine, UT, October 27, 2006 --( Throughout his 20 year sales career, Randy Barney has searched for the solution of the age old problem; time versus money. How does the average person continuously increase their income without infringing upon time with their family? Traditionally, as a person climbs that ladder of success the demands for investment of time increase immensely. Family is not the only thing that suffers with a successful career; so does the ability to serve in your church, help in your neighborhood, and take time off for personal development and rejuvenation.

Randy says that he has spent the last 6 years scouring the internet for an online business that could solve this problem. After all, the word on the web is that you can make money in your sleep! Is it all hype? After spending thousands of dollars trying everything that looked legitimate he was about to give up. "About a year ago, while in between jobs I purchased a position in a direct sales company. I purchased high quality leads and called, and called, and called," he said. After 3 months of doing this full time he was forced to get a real job again. "I continued to follow up on leads on my lunch hour and while driving home from work, I was determined to make this work." Randy says that through all of this he did not make a single sale and eventually ran out of money to buy leads. "The irony of all this is that I am a professional sales person. But when it came to selling an online product with purchased leads I just couldn't close the sales. To make matters worse, my wife gently reminded me of all the time I had missed with the family, just to make those phone calls."

Randy says that the stability of a real job has been nice but when he recently realized how much he was loosing to taxes on his sales bonuses at work, he was reminded again of the benefits of owning his own business. "You cannot depend on your boss to make you rich, it will never happen!" So again he began searching the internet. The previous challenge still existed, "how could I start a business without ignoring my family and loosing the income currently coming from my job?"

The answer came to that question two weeks ago when he received an e-mail about "Predator Marketing System." This system is being slated as "The world's most advanced and fully automated wealth creation program." At first Randy was naturally skeptical, "I thought it would be another one of those sit in the shade, sip lemonade and money will flow into your bank account with no effort on your part type deals." What he found out was that it did require work on his part. But it was work he could do at anytime of the day. So when the day job was over and the kids were in bed he could he could spend as little as 30 minutes (at first it was quite a bit more than that) a day promoting his new online business.

Aside from the personalized website, the intense training on how to build your business & create multiple streams of income, The Predator Marketing System incorporates a 21st Century business model that uses a 6 step automated marketing system (no more buying or calling leads).

1. Predator will generate tons of targeted traffic to your website
2. Predator will do all of the telling and selling for you. There are no scripts for you to learn and deliver
3. Predator will filter out the uninterested prospects
4. Interested prospects will request a call for more information
5. Trained professionals will call the prospect for you and close the sale for you
6. Each time the professional closes a sale you earn $1000 or $3000 paid directly to you

"This System is the one I have been searching for, my 6 year quest has finally paid off," says Randy. After all, his mentor who started 1 week previous earned $14,000 in his first week! "I do have ambitious goals for my self, but I don't plan on retiring from my day job just yet. It gives me ways to contribute to society in addition to helping people find success on the internet. I will however, make six figures in my first year and that's not to shabby for part time work!"

The benefits of this home based business are apparent. This is technology combined with the personal touch. The Predator professionals empower prospects to make informed decisions. They do this through educating and answering questions, they never use pushy sales tactics.

Anyone interested in seeing the recipe that Randy is following for his online business success may visit his website at

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