Three Men and a Maven Launch Their Greatest Manifest-Station

An exciting new video on demand website offering members the promise to awaken to a better life.....

Vancouver, Canada, February 11, 2010 --( Are you ready to awaken to a better life? This is the promise of a small committed team – three from B.C. Canada, and one from New Zealand – with the launch of their website

“Our ultimate objective is to enable people to access positive, uplifting and thought provoking material that will improve the human condition”, says Susan Laberee. “We showcase over 200 hours of life changing video, audio and articles from the world’s positive thought leaders. People like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr Brenda Wade, Joe Vitale, Eva Gregory, John Kehoe, Lisa Nichols, Byron Katie, Rev. Michael Beckwith and Charlene Proctor. And, she adds, “its DVD quality, free to view and on demand from where ever you are”.

The team has also had a lot of fun while bringing this dream to fruition. Susan is known as “The Maven” while her partners Matt Walsh, Len Wright and Glenn Brubaker hold the titles “The Glue”, “The Alliance Alchemist” and “The CPU”. These four recently united in this venture. Together they renewed a 3 year vision to create an internet business that would provide global access to movies, workshops, seminars, and interviews featuring some of the world’s most inspirational teachers, authors, and visionaries. “Our goal is to enable millions worldwide to benefit from this powerful wisdom – the way it has personally benefited me” says Len Wright – who co-created the original vision for the project 3 years ago. “We partner with some of the most powerful authors and positive thought leaders in history to offer diverse perspectives on how to create a better life”.

The site offers access to a wide range of viewing material covering such topics as health and wellbeing, learning and personal development; spirituality and science, life transitions, relationship, manifestation and the law of attraction. also features an online gathering place for people to share their own journey and connect with others seeking growth and empowerment in their lives.

The website can be found at
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