Cleanicity Helps Clean Freaks Embrace Their Inner Clean

Austin Entrepreneur Launches Company to Help Clean Freaks Achieve Desired State of Clean

Austin, TX, February 12, 2010 --( Cleanicity launches its business operations with products that meet the exacting needs of clean freaks. Austin, TX-based Cleanicity leverages products developed for high technology and medical markets and adapts them for affordable and stylish use in the home. The company’s products save consumers time and effort and help them keep their homes cleaner for longer.

Approximately 24 million Americans are self-described clean freaks. With an increasing number of popular celebrities revealing their need for ultra-clean living environments, more and more Americans are finding it acceptable and even desirable to admit their passion for keeping their homes clean and bad-germ free.

“I’m still aspiring to be a clean freak,” admits Cleanicity founder and CEO, Carol O’Brien. “I dream of a home that is always clean, but I don’t really like cleaning. So I found, and in some cases created, products that would work harder at keeping my home cleaner so I could save my energy for other things and avoid having to use expensive cleaning services.”

Ms. O’Brien indicates her search for products to keep her own home clean became the motivation behind her company. “Friends and family started asking me about the products I was using,” Ms. O’Brien says. “I started to realize the research I did might benefit others. So I shared the products with my friends and now with my customers.”

Cleanicity launches today with products for the home and car. One product is the Dirt Catcher Entry Mat that uses recyclable adhesive layers to pull surface dirt from shoes, boots, and even paws. Different from traditional entry mats or expensive rubber versions, the Dirt Catcher mats lock the dirt onto the adhesive layer. When the layer is completely used, it can be removed easily to expose a clean layer beneath. The result is less wear and tear on floor surfaces and the ability to keep the home cleaner for longer. Similar products are available for cars, including the Sports Matter Mat that provides a safe surface to place soiled sports equipment and muddy footwear, keeping your car floors cleaner.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Cleanicity distributes its products throughout the United States via its Web site at

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Founded in 2009, Austin, Texas-based Cleanicity is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of advanced products for the home market. Cleanicity’s products appeal to clean freaks or any consumer seeking a cleaner home and cars without increasing cleaning time and energy. The company’s products leverage advanced technology to save consumers time and money, minimize cleaning efforts, and maintain cleaner, bad-germ free homes and cars for longer. For additional information, please visit

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