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Strategy For Coaches has launched a blog for professional coaches that will contain short posts on a variety of topics related to strategy.

Wilmington, DE, March 04, 2010 --( Strategy For Coaches has launched a blog at:

The blog will contain short posts on a variety of topics related to strategy and of interest to professional coaches. The blog follows no particular theme and may jump from one topic to another, but all the posts are designed to be educational in nature. The Strategy For Coaches Blog is an example of one of the numerous resources offered by

Some of the more interesting posts thus far include an article on the blue ocean strategy. Through intuition, trial and error or just plain luck, people stumble on strategies that have a proven track record of success. An amazing strategy for creating new markets through value innovation has been dubbed the blue ocean strategy after a book by that name. Although not likely intentional, this was the strategy that started the coaching profession. The remainder of the post summarizes the essential features of the blue ocean strategy and illustrates how Thomas J. Leonard, considered by many to be the father of coaching, took steps that parallel the initial implementation of a blue ocean strategy when he pioneered packaging and popularizing the coaching profession.

There is also an article on the blame game. Something goes wrong and people naturally start looking for who is at fault. Blame usually leads to punishment of the offender. To the casual observer, it appears that the problem has been identified along with the appropriate solution. The blame game is so common, that it is unlikely a coach hasn’t run into it with a client at some point in their practice, regardless of the coaching specialty. W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer in quality control, management and systems thinking, found that 93% of the time, problems in organizations can be traced to the design of systems, structures and processes. Only 7% of the time did people cause the problems and in about half of those cases, the issue could be rectified with additional training. Consequently, the blame game is often unproductive. The remainder of the post discusses how coaches can help clients overcome the blame game and replace it with what is really needed – accountability.

There is another post that focuses on how globalization and outsourcing might affect the coaching profession. The post points out that white-collar skilled labor is being outsourced right now in a variety of professions in the same way that the manufacturing jobs have been affected for years. A stunning example quoted is the outsourcing of lawyers. Most lawyers thought this would never happen because laws vary considerably by locale so law was thought to be a local profession and immune to globalization. If it can happen to lawyers, it can certainly happen to coaches and this topic should be on the minds of any coach as they strategize their practice.

The Strategy For Coaches Blog should prove to be a valuable resource for any professional coach regardless of specialty.

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