Vietnam Non-Food Retail Market Set for Rapid Growth

With the emerging economy and rising living standards of Vietnamese, the non-food sector is expected to witness fast expansion in the country.

Noida, India, March 06, 2010 --( RNCOS, a leading market research firm, has said in its report "Vietnam Retail Analysis (2008-2012)" that although the Vietnamese retail market is dominated by the food segment, the country has witnessed an impressive expansion of the non-food segment over the past few years. The non-food retail sales grew at a robust CAGR of nearly 22% during 2005-2008. Clothing and footwear are two important segments of non-food retail. The retail sales of clothing and footwear are expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% and 10% respectively during 2009-2012.

The report provides an extensive and in-depth evaluation of Vietnam's promising retail industry and facilitates an all around market intelligence on all its prominent segments. We have identified and analyzed all emerging trends including important drivers and key challenges the industry is confronting. Along with this, they have also identified what could be the possible growth areas in terms of product developments, geographical expansion etc. With the co-ordination of all the factors, we have presented a coherent analysis of the retail industry performance in Vietnam.

The report also includes geographical (provincial) performance, retail formats, consumer behavior and product affordability analysis of retail goods & services in the country. They have also identified all the important players in the Key Players section of the report. The section talks about the business profile and strategic moves of the leading players operating in the sector.

"Vietnam Retail Analysis (2008-2012)" also presents future forecasts for the industry. The forecasts provided are the combination of our economic and judgmental analysis based on past drivers, challenges and opportunities for expansion. While giving forecast, we have given due consideration to the impact of global financial crunch on the growth of Vietnamese retail market. In this way, our report depicts the most unbiased picture of the retail industry in Vietnam that will prove decisive for the clients.

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