Innovation, Growth in the Greater Washington Region is the Focus of GermanAmericanBusinessForum Dialogue Session

Washington, DC, March 06, 2010 --( Government stimulus programs, innovation and growth for companies in the greater Washington region was the focus of a dialogue session held by the GermanAmericanBusinessForum (GABF) on February 24, 2010.

Participants at the dialogue session, moderated by Peter H. Dehnen, president of the GABF, discussed the following:

- The nature of U.S. and German government approaches to stimulate economic growth.
- The impact of stimulus measures on private sector performance and growth.
- The nature of innovation and how internationalizing innovation achieves research results not otherwise possible.
- The benefits to the “home” country when an international company innovates and succeeds in a foreign market.

“Taking a more focused view of stimulus as that which ‘stimulates’ and fosters innovation”, said Mr. Dehnen, “provides a better understanding of the implications for growth by companies, both here in the greater Washington area and in Germany”.

Attendees included members of the German-American business community, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Washington Initiative, Deutsche Forschungsgemeineschaft (the German Research Foundation), the German embassy and the office of the Representative for German Industry and Trade.

GABF Dialogue Sessions are a regular series of topical, invitation-only events; limited in size to ensure serious discussions and cross-cultural understanding between all the participants.

The GermanAmericanBusinessForum in Washington, D.C. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen the bridge supporting U.S.-German business relations.

GermanAmericanBusinessForum in Washington, D.C.
Robert Clark