BPM: Innovative Process TestLab Reduces Design Risks for Business Processes

taraneon Consulting Group launches award-winning TestLab.

Frankfurt, Germany, March 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- taraneon Consulting Group, specialists in business process management have today launched the Process TestLab, a unique facility to test and validate business processes before their implementation.

The effects of changes to or the complete redesign of business processes often carry the danger of unwanted or unpredictable results. Many decisions taken during the design phase are based on assumptions or simply best-guess. The Process TestLab can bring forward the essential validation of process quality, process performance and behaviour to a point where companies still have a chance to influence and change the design. Risks and design flaws which would otherwise lead to cost-intensive process and system corrections can be avoided, thus saving time and money.

‘Changing processes is not done for its own sake but as a reaction to recognized challenges. That reaction and the results of process change should be focussed on the objectives without reverting to trail and error. The Process TestLab can help evaluate different design scenarios and analyse their effects and implications. Rather than waiting for a process to go live to find out if and how it performs, the Process TestLab creates a real-life executable process and simulates its performance and behaviour under varying conditions. The effects of alternative change designs can be analysed and demonstrated immediately, allowing management and project teams to come to a fact-based decision on which changes to implement.’, says Dr. Norbert Kaiser, founder and managing director of taraneon Consulting Group.

A particular highlight of the Process TestLab is the ability to conduct stresstests and employee validation runs simply based on process designs. ‘When we run processes through the TestLab systems we essentially create a preview on reality. We use the employee validation runs to let our customers check their process design on a step-by-step basis. This allows them to identify areas of improvement and to check the business logic of the process. The result is a process which is structurally sound and mirrors the intended business requirements’, says Thomas J. Olbrich co-founder of taraneon Consulting Group. ‘By contrast, the stresstest allows us to show how a process will behave under realistic conditions and what its implications for the workforce and the IT would be. Too many change projects have failed in the past simply because the emphasis was put on the logic of the process flow only and the implications to those working on and for the process were ignored. The Process TestLab offers a realiable and independent solution to these problems.’

The Process TestLab was recognized as a TOP3 innovation in the BPM category at this years CeBIT.

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