EU to Lead Biofuel Industry Future Developments: RNCOS

Government tax breaks along with increasing acceptance, as a clean fuel will drive biofuel industry towards dynamic improvements in European Union region.

Noida, India, March 12, 2010 --( The global market research pioneer RNCOS has extensively evaluated the global biofuel industry potentials in its latest research offering “Global Biofuel Market Analysis”. The conceptual analysis of various prominent markets in Asia-Pacific, Americas and European Union regions together exhibited a rapidly growing market, which has proved itself almost recession-immune. The research has unfolded full potentials of the industry, which has promising future growth prospects.

They have thoroughly investigated the global biofuel industry and identified decisive market trends shaping the industry’s current and future growth prospects. As discussed in report, currently Germany is leading the EU countries in terms of biofuel production. During 2005-2008, country’s ethanol production registered a phenomenal growth of around 51% (CAGR). The industry is further poised for even rapid growth results in coming years amid some concrete industry fundamentals discussed and analyzed extensively in the report.

Along with Germany, some other European countries are also showing encouraging growth potential. For example, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy Spain, etc. have been continuously registering tremendous growth in production and are increasingly looking for capacity expansion amid rapidly surging demand from various energy-intensive sectors.

According to a senior Research Analyst at RNCOS, “Till 2008, high oil prices were a major driving force for the biofuel industry. At present, the low oil prices will be compensated by the government policies of subsidies and tax benefits. The government support will make the biofuel prices competitive and will, therefore, play a major part in their increased production. Moreover, many countries are going for next generation biofuels made from wood & waste or non-food crops. This will help fighting the rising food prices and, in turn, making biofuels cheaper”.

“Global Biofuel Market Analysis” is an outcome of object-oriented research and profound analysis of global biofuel industry. It provides historical, ongoing as well as future projected outlook of the biofuel industry at global as well as country levels. The report provides deep market intelligence with core industry analysis and correlates current market trends, such as government policies, transportation, distribution issues, feedstock trends, etc., with industry’s future projected scenario.

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