Unique Paris Announces the Launch of Its Innovative Services of Conciergerie Privée

London, United Kingdom, March 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Unique Paris announces today the launch of its innovative services of Conciergerie Privée. Unique Paris was created in January 2010 after its two founders Alexandre Besombes and Carine Beauvisage had observed that it was very difficult to find excellent services of proximity. Convinced that an excellent service has to be based on a high-quality sales relationship with the client, they created their own luxury conciergerie: “We want to know our client personally, intimately well, to better satisfy them and help them achieve their aims” explains Carine Beauvisage, co-founder and associate director.

Specialized in high-end services, the Conciergerie Privée Unique Paris is organized around its clients, their passions and wishes. The team of concierges, reachable in a second, coordinates and implements for its clients, with an absolute commitment and excellence, services that are needed in daily life: home cleaning and maid services, information seeking, travel and event planning (wedding, celebrations, corporate events, in-home parties, birthday party, other special events…), corporate services.

Unique Paris offers an innovative service: dedicated concierges, available 24/7, working for their clients like any personal assistant. The clients can meet physically their dedicated concierge at any time at their home or at the office, to explain more in details their wishes and projects. Their dedicated concierge can also achieve a couple of daily tasks like fetching a parcel at the post office, applying for a visa at a foreign embassy, etc. The dedicated concierge works closely with its client so that he can match its client’s taste, style and personality.

Alexandre Besombes, sales director of Unique Paris, explains us the originality of Unique’s services: "In France, our concept is very innovative and sometimes there’s no in person touch, so why not save the hassle avoid the frustration. We understand clients that have projects a bit more complex than ticket booking or recruitment of a gardener, even organizing a corporate seminar.”

Among the membership offers proposed by Unique Paris, the Golden Key allows the Member to contact its Dedicated Concierge at any time to receive tailored home services (a cleaning lady for instance), book some night show tickets or delegate a wedding planning task. The Golden Key is available for a monthly fee of 300 euros.

Charles T., 47 years old, CEO of a small company based in Paris, is a Golden Key member since the launch of the service in January 2010. He says about the service: "I have a very busy professional life because of my CEO position and I did not want anymore that my wife got exhausted from the household and kids management. So I decided to get the services of the Conciergerie Privée Unique Paris. For the first time, I tested them through their ticket booking services. I brought my wife to the Opera, a very nice evening with first category tickets. Then I asked my concierge to buy a box of my favorite champagne and deliver it to one of my clients within the day. I am very satisfied about my conciergerie, I recommend this service to all my friends".

Unique Paris asked each of his 1500 suppliers to sign the quality charter of the company, to offer perfect services to its clients.

About Unique Paris
Founded in January 2010, the Conciergerie Privée Unique Paris was launched by Alexandre Besombes and Carine Beauvisage, both graduated from the EDHEC Business School. Carine brings her expertise in purchasing and sales in the demanding car industry in Germany and France. Alexandre brings a complementary background as a sales on the financial markets for an American bank in Paris and London.

Unique Paris differentiates itself from competitors by the strong proximity of its concierges who can meet with their clients at any time during the day.

The Conciergerie offices are located in the 8th arrondissement, only a couple blocks from the prestigious Champs Elysees. The company has grown to 4 employees and plans to hire more employees by the end of the year.
Offering tailored solutions for corporate and private clients, Unique Paris has already around 15 private members and a few corporate accounts.

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