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Mom Tri's Boathouse Phuket, Thailand First Writer’s Night of This Summer with Bjorn Turmann on 29th April

Canadian author and filmmaker Bjorn Turmann on writing novels and developing Oscar nominated ideas in the first of a sequence of popular Boathouse cultural events.

Phuket, Thailand, March 17, 2010 --( Mom Tri’s Boathouse, Phuket well-known for its cultural activities such as art exhibitions and literary evenings, presents the first literary event of summer 2010. Bjorn Turmann, internationally recognized writer/speaker, will relate stories of his experiences with fiction, film and whatever else happens to be on his mind that day. The evening with this multi talented gentleman promises to be lively and fun.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Bjorn Turmann is among the few authors to simultaneously release a novel – The Last Tobacco Shop in the World – on the same day, 10 February 2010, as a book of non-fiction – Speaking Energy: Public Speaking for Humans…Finally!

Robert Vito, CNN senior correspondent called The Last Tobacco Shop in the World: “Powerful and unforgettable…a riveting, clever plot.” The story is set in the year 2040 on a fictitious island in the Andaman Sea near Phuket. Bjorn is now in the process of adapting the book to film and one day, (he hopes) the stage.

An international public speaking professional, Bjorn is a globally authorized Microsoft communications coach with a long list of Fortune 500 clients. Speaking Energy: Public Speaking for Humans…Finally! is endorsed by MIT and The National Speakers Bureau in Chicago.

Bjorn is also a founding partner of the award-winning Vancouver based studio, The Embassy Visual Effects, one of the key creative teams behind the Oscar nominated films, “District 9” and “Iron Man”. He is the writer and co-creator of a “futuristic television sitcom” set in the year 3000 which will go into pre-production in late 2010.

Bjorn has lived in Asia since 1993 and now divides his time between Asia and North America.


Books by Bjorn Turmann
Good Daughter
“Harrowing…provocative and moving…” The South China Morning Post

The Karaoke World of Cortous Haire
“Engaging and comical…a novel that will entice readers at every turn.” The Toronto Star

The Last Tobacco Shop in the World
"A powerful and unforgettable novel...a rivetting, clever plot." Robert Vito, former CNN Senior Correspondent

Speaking Energy: Public Speaking for Humans...Finally!
“Vivid, human, interesting, well and clearly written...will make each of us a better communicator and the corporation a happier, more efficient place. I recommend it with enthusiasm.” Dr. Grant McCracken, MIT; Author, Chief Culture Officer, a Business Week best of 2009.

Bjorn’s books will be available for purchase at “event only” special discounts.
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