PCMSI Launches Its "Best Rate Guarantee" Pricing Platform

Erie, PA, March 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In an effort to provide the most cost effective pricing to its clients, and potential clients, Professional Communications Messaging Service, Inc. (PCMSI), a leader in the telephone answering service industry, has launched its “Best Rate Guarantee” pricing platform, ensuring that its clientele receive PCMSI’s best rate, period.

Potential clients may not really know just exactly how many calls they will receive, or how many calls they are actually missing after hours, because their phones are not being answered. Existing clients’ call volumes can change drastically from month to month. This can be caused by a variety of issues such as seasonal business models, weather-related instances, and a greater demand for their product or service. Rather than penalizing their clients for doing more business, the Best Rate Guarantee ensures that they are at the most cost effective package, every month.

“How the Best Rate Guarantee works is simple,” says Debbie Uht, president of PCMSI. “Our billing system allows us to monitor our client’s usage every month and place them at the most cost effective package. The Best Rate Guarantee looks to see what is the client’s rate right now, how much did they really use, and, if we adjust their base rate, can they save? Some clients have seen savings of up to 30%.”

The Best Rate Guarantee works both ways as well. If the client has reached their peak and their call volumes start to reduce, PCMSI adjusts the rate to a lower minute package. The Best Rate Guarantee is done monthly, and is done at no additional cost to the client.

Uht also adds, “PCMSI philosophy has been built upon utilizing the latest in technology, while having the most professional, experienced, and reliable operators handling our clients’ calls. Now, with our Best Rate Guarantee, we can ensure we are affordable for our clients, while maintaining the professional service we have offered for over 47 years.”

About PCMSI: (www.pcmsi.com), PCMSI has been a leader in the answering service industry since 1962. They provide call center solutions worldwide for answering service, order taking, and unified messaging services.

For more information visit the web site at www.pcmsi.com, or call 888-776-2661.

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Debbie Uht