Wolverine Machine Releases Water Jet Cutting Brochure

Holly, MI, March 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wolverine Machine Products, located in Holly, Michigan has just released a brochure highlighting the capabilities and benefits of using water jet cutting in manufacturing. The new brochure can be viewed directly from the company’s website.

Wolverine Machine houses two of the largest water jet cutting tables in the Midwest, capable of handling complex and intricate parts with tolerances of +/- .003” for virtually any material. These machines have allowed the company to greatly expand capabilities and services offered. The breadth and thickness of materials that can be cut using the water jet cutting process give it a distinct advantage over processes such as laser cutting and traditional machining.

Companies from all industries are turning to water jet cutting for fine detail, clean edges, and less waste. When using water jet cutting, there is no distortion, fraying, cracking, splintering, or slag, and since no heat is involved, the material will not have any “heat affected zones” that can become very problematic. Wolverine Machine also uses part nesting before the cutting process which optimizes material, reduces scrap, and saves their customers money. Wolverine Machine also recycles 100% of the water and 100% of the abrasive used, which brings waste to virtually nonexistent.

The applications for water jet cutting are innumerable, as well as the materials that can be used. Therefore, Wolverine Machine has created a brochure solely focused on the benefits and abilities of their water jet cutting machines. It is loaded with information on how the process works and also how it can be beneficial for customers.

Wolverine Machine Products
Amanda McDonough