Ultra-Durable GoldEdge® Drill Bit Line Launched

Increased wear resistance and greater torsion strength are just a couple of the benefits found in the new line of GoldEdge® cryogenic drill bits. Designed to drill through work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard to drill materials, GoldEdge drill bits are built to take on the most demanding jobs in the construction, maintenance and metal working industries.

New Bethlehem, PA, March 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Now more than ever businesses are looking for ways to reduce cost through fewer tool changeovers and less downtime. GoldEdge Steel Solutions, Inc. recently launched a new line of ultra-durable drill bits to fill this demand for multiple industries and applications. GoldEdge® drill bits are subjected to a unique patented cryogenic treatment process that alters the steel’s molecular structure, creating a drill bit that boasts increased wear resistance, greater torsion strength and a cleaner cut than conventional high speed steel drill bits. GoldEdge® drills are designed to take on the toughest jobs in the construction, maintenance and metal working industries. They feature a 135° split point design that instantly centers upon contact with no need for center punching. In addition the 3-Flat shank eliminates chuck slippage, making it ideal for use in hand-held drills.

GoldEdge Steel Solutions, Inc. specializes in manufacturing high performance industrial cutting tools. GoldEdge® tools are available to distributors nationwide.

GoldEdge Steel Solutions, Inc.
Scott Smith