Aztec Products Certifies New Kawasaki 603CC Engine

Aztec Products Certifies New Kawasaki 603CC Engine, EPA Certified Kawasaki 603CC engine provides more power at the same price.

Montgomeryville, PA, March 25, 2010 --( Aztec Products is proud to announce its EPA certification of the new Kawasaki FS481V engine. This 603CC engine yields a maximum of 22hp when set-up to burn gasoline. With Aztec Products' custom-made LPG carburetor, Aztec's certified testing lab was able to achieve the impressive results of 17.19hp, with emission numbers of only 1.132 CO g/kw-hr and 1.898 HC+NOx g/kw-hr.

Providing sufficient horsepower in a floor cleaning machine is important. The higher the percentage of the engine’s horsepower required by the mechanics of the machine, the harder the engine has to work. The harder the engine works, the shorter the engine life and the more preventative maintenance required. The power of the Kawasaki 603CC engine ensures that if you care for your Aztec machine properly, it will last a very long time.

The emission numbers are far better than those required by EPA and CARB. Emission levels this low take “Green Cleaning” to a whole new level. These low emission numbers were previously unheard of without employing closed-loop fuel monitoring systems, which have historically proven to be both expensive and problematic. Aztec machines equipped with this 603CC engine meet LEED IEQ Credit 3.4 Requirements for Green cleaning and Facility LEED certification.

President Whit Beverly said, "Kawasaki has really done a great job with this engine. We got a nearly 15% power increase with no price increase. I am sure our customers will really love it."

Steven Spengler, Vice President of Sales, said "This new stronger engine will give Aztec machines the edge on performance in the concrete floor industry where the torque of floor-to-pad resistance is especially demanding."

This new EPA certified Kawasaki 603CC engine will be available on all Aztec Sidewinders, Reliant and Answer propane buffers, and the DiamondShine and UltraGrind concrete floor polishers.

Aztec Products, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Montgomeryville, PA. For over 30 years, Aztec has developed a series of innovative floor cleaning machines that are engineered for quality work at high speeds, and has become known as the problem-solver for the floor cleaning industry. Aztec is proud to manufacture all of its products in the USA.

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