Virtual Assistant Helps Your Business Turn Productivity into Profits

Roxanne Tidmore, an entrepreneur, announces her new business website,, a virtual assisting practice devoted to helping small business owners handle administrative tasks so they can focus on growing their business, turning their productivity into profits. Using the Internet and email together with other mainstay communications tools, businesses are now able to pass along time-consuming chores without having to hire employees or temporary help.

Cincinnati, OH, November 11, 2006 --( As a business owner, is your time precious to you? Do you have more administrative tasks than time to do it? Would you like to free up your time yet still keep your business moving ahead profitably and in an organized atmosphere? Is the cost of hiring an employee and paying benefits just not worth the return?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, what will you do to alleviate the workload and some of the pressures you are at in running a small business yet still turn a profit?

The solution is a simple one:  Hire a Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is much like a Secretary, Office Administrator and Personal Assistant combined; the main difference is that a VA works out of their own fully equipped office. VA's offer a variety of services to their clients, depending on their experience and training, such as but not limited to, word processing, dictation, transcription, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, internet research, database development, computer tutoring and training, concierge services and so much more.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant when you are overwhelmed with administrative tasks can help you now focus on the more important projects within your business.  Or maybe hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to finally take that vacation you have been putting off because you have no employees to cover the workload while you are away.  For many reasons, busy professionals are discovering the solution to their work overload and are delegating non-essential tasks to Virtual Assistants, who are quickly becoming integral in the professional’s business success.  Today people ask ,“What is a Virtual Assistant?”  Soon, they will be asking “Who is Your Virtual Assistant?”

Roxanne Tidmore is a Virtual Assistant and founder of EliteREVA, located in Cincinnati, OH.  Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire for a home based business, Roxanne decided to capitalize on her experience in the administrative workforce for the past 20 years and open a virtual office. “Who wouldn’t relish a job wherein I could do what I loved and knew how to do, helping others in business, yet still be home to do tasks?  It’s the best of both worlds!” beamed Roxanne.  Her work experience covered industries such as multi-national companies dealing with beauty and laundry care, universities, and computer repair companies.

With this previous work experience, she has with her a unique combination of skills and talents. Her clients include multi-national corporations, lawyers, and universities. She also contributes her time through voluntary works to non-profit organizations.

Her typical client is either a small to medium business or an individual that needs administrative type services performed on a less than full time basis. It may be a last minute business proposal that needs typing, daily bookkeeping entries for a contractor, transcription for a novel or minutes of meetings, a client list for a realtor.

Roxanne explains one major feature in hiring a VA; "Virtual Assistants are the ideal staffing solution for the small business owner. Without requiring more office equipment or space, and without the hassles associated with hiring employees, Virtual Assistants offer expert support on an as-needed basis. Virtual Assistants have a direct interest in making sure their clients are happy with their performance, and have a better understanding of the small-business arena."

As one of her clients will conclude:  “Never in my lifetime would I believe that using a Virtual Assistant could be this effective in my total sales figures. Plus, I have increased my own productivity 110% having Roxanne behind me!"

For more information about Virtual Assistants, please visit EliteREVA website at or contact Roxanne at her email address of or by phone at (866) 761-3364.

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