ActiFi Launches Its Strategy, Accountability, and Goal Achievement (SAGA) Program

Using ActiFi Roadmap™ software, financial advisors can now receive a plan, a process, and expert assistance for accomplishing advisor business objectives.

Plymouth, MN, April 07, 2010 --( There are no shortages of great ideas that financial advisors have to improve their businesses. The problem is, like almost all business owners, it’s often difficult to craft goals, plans and strategies, much less find the time to execute on tactics. A financial advisor’s job became much easier today with the launch of SAGA, ActiFi’s Strategy, Accountability, and Goal Achievement program.

SAGA is a first-of-its-kind program, designed to help financial advisors establish clear goals, track progress, and create firm-wide accountability to execute on defined tactics and achieve key milestones. Using the acclaimed ActiFi Roadmap™ software, ActiFi business improvement experts work directly with financial advisors to define business objectives and translate ideas into actionable tasks. Then, using the Roadmap software, ActiFi conducts regularly scheduled meetings with key stakeholders to quantifiably track progress, acknowledge key successes, and recommend – when applicable – appropriate action for staying on course. In addition, when capacity or expertise is an issue or when a particular set of tasks is not being effectively completed, ActiFi may provide specialized support in researching, analyzing, managing, or even executing specific tasks.

Brian Kostick, ActiFi’s Director of Advisor Programs, compares SAGA to hiring a personal fitness trainer. “If someone wants to lose 10 pounds, he can try and do it himself,” said Kostick. “However, many people realize they not only need a plan on how to accomplish their goal, they also need proven recommendations and the accountability that come when working with an expert whose sole job is to make sure the person does what he or she say they’re going to do.”

The ActiFi Roadmap software is used by some of the nation’s largest financial services enterprises to provide business-improvement practice management services to their advisor clients, and the results have been spectacular. However, there are many financial advisory firms that do not work with a custodian or broker-dealer that uses Roadmap. The ActiFi SAGA program now provides this valuable service to any firm that wants to improve its business.

“If you want to improve your physical strength, you know exactly how many push-ups you need to do, yet it’s blocking out the time to do it and actually doing it that are hard for most people,” said ActiFi CEO Spenser Segal, picking up on the personal trainer analogy. “The same thing is true if you’re a financial advisor who sets a goal to obtain $50M in new assets under management this year. When you know what to do, set the time aside each week to do it, and have someone hold you accountable for getting it done, the likelihood of you achieving your goal will increase dramatically.”

The SAGA program is geared toward large firms with at least three employees and $1 million in revenue. Firms that size typically need assistance with growth strategies and/or improving efficiencies, so there is a high return on the SAGA investment. For more information on SAGA and ActiFi, visit or call 763.550.0223.

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