abenetis Combines Controlling and Benchmarking System

The new Version of the abenetis ERS/B now integrates Benchmarking and a Controlling-System in one Online-Application, which also features the usage as an Business Early-Warning-System.

Singen, Germany, April 16, 2010 --(PR.com)-- abenetis introduces a new version of the ERS/B Online-Analysis, which now includes the ability to compare a companies performance with the performance of other companies from the same Country and the same Industry. While comparing performance indicators, user details are not revealed, so that the identity of the users is kept confidential. The new version of the ERS/B is also available for members of the free BASIS-Membership as well.

Furthermore abenetis made the ERS/B more flexible, as the ERS/B now offers more than 40 business ratios a user could choose from. If a business ratio is still not available, members are now able to suggest a new business ratio for inclusion as well.

With the ERS/B it is now possible to use a Business Early-Warning-System and Business Benchmarking-System in just one place. There is no need to download any Software, no need to enter data into different Systems. The available business ratios are selected to fit best into both Systems, the Early-Warning and the Benchmark-System.

Explanations of the user selected business ratios are given at any stage of system usage (e.g. data input, analysis or review of recommended actions), thus enabling the user to quickly calculate the data needed for the analysis and to interpret the results correctly.

The ERS/B is an Early-Recognition and Benchmarking-System, which could be used with plan and actual data, plus providing the ability to compare a companies actual data to the actual data of other businesses in the same or other industry as well as different countries, thus providing an overview on the market situation and on business development of a single company or small company group.

As every business should have an Early-Warning-System, the ERS/B could even be used as a Controlling-System as well, as it provides the following advantages:

- doesn't depends on only a few performance indicators
- reflects the temporal effects from business actions
- includes traffic light signals in analysis and Diagram
- includes soft-fact performance indicators as well as material financial business ratios.

The new version of the ERS/B is also available for members of the free BASIS-Membership. It includes the ability to compare a users business to businesses in the same Industry and the same Country. The ERS Standard Diagrams which include traffic light signals are accessible for every membership including the free BASIS Membership.

Paid Memberships allow the comparison against other industries and/or other countries as well. Furthermore recommendations for actions to overcome negative analysis signals are available for paid memberships. The new ERS/B offers more diagrams, such as Trend and Comparison Graphs, which are only accessible from paid memberships.

As the new ERS/B has the ability of benchmarking businesses to other businesses, it depends on the usage by as many businesses as possible, therefore the basic usage of the ERS/B is now available at no charge. Advanced features are subject to the paid memberships.

Stephan Szugat