Consumer Victim Advocates Inc
Consumer Victim Advocates Inc

Consumer Advocates Help in the Fight Against Identity Theft

Consumer Victim Advocates are Colorado’s premier identity theft investigators and restoration specialist. They provide identity theft and fraud solutions to help you repair the damage from stolen identity.

Denver, CO, August 04, 2005 --( Consumer Victim Advocates Inc, have open their doors to public. They are the newest crime fighters, and are willing to step in the ring to help consumers in the fight against identity theft.

Identity theft has become an epidemic and the number one crime in America. Millions of consumers have become victims of identity theft in one way or another. The internet has become a breeding ground for crimes of persuasion. Through high-tech scams, fake websites and emails, computer hacking, and telemarketing schemes, thieves are able to obtain and sell your personal information on the black market. 

According to one source if your FICO score is 550-650 your information is worth $150 to $200.

With personal information thieves can drain your bank account, obtain credit cards, mortgages loans, personal loans, auto loans, and even deceive law enforcement and commit crimes in your name. No one is safe!

According to the Denver Post 7/31/2005, American Idol Star Rueben Studdard recently filed charges of identity theft and fraud against his ex-manager.

What can you do if you become an identity theft victim?

You can do-it yourself, but it will take hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and dealing with stress and mayhem that’s associated in restoring your identity. In today’s busy society; working, raising the children, paying the bills and dealing with everyday life, it is almost impossible to find time to deal with something else, especially if your identity is stolen.

Consumer Victim Advocates can help with your identity theft problems. They are dedicated to helping identity theft victims and restoring their identity. Consumer Victim Advocates Inc will take on the burden of restoring your identity and getting your life back in order.

According to Consumer Victim Advocates Chief Investigator, “We want to make our investigative resources and professional expertise available to the public, so they can be educated and have the tools to combat identity theft.”

If you have questions or need more information call 888 558-4338, or visit their website at

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