MS2, the New Lightweight, High-Strength Stainless Steel for the 21st Century

Performance of Titanium at a Fraction of the Cost…

Escondido, CA, April 26, 2010 --( KVA Stainless is a breakthrough 21st century stainless steel technology company that has invented an innovative stainless steel processing technology that creates stronger, lighter stainless steel.

Years have been spent developing proprietary and patented methods to produce welded and brazed tubular forms, stamped and shelled structures, using martensitic corrosion resistant stainless steels. “KVA Stainless processing technology enables the use of proven high-strength, high-performance materials in new exciting applications to reduce weight, increase strength, increase in durability, improved fatigue performance, enhanced corrosion resistance and cost savings in material, while reducing manufacturing costs.

“Martensitic Stainless Steel (MS2) processing can benefit any market segment where component weight, strength and corrosion resistance are critical issues, providing a superior alternative to existing steels or alloys, while increasing the actual and perceived value of finished products,” says Douglas Gore, VP of Sales. “Using our unique, patented technology, our high-strength steel provides automakers with a cost effective and immediate solution for increasing gas mileage and improving crash worthiness of their vehicles.”

KVA has spent over 40 years thinking outside the box to create and develop new and innovative ideas and products that encompass stainless steel alloys. Primarily an engineering company specializing in research and development, KVA has numerous United States Patents, International Patents, as well as a portfolio of patents pending. We continue to be innovators of Stainless Steel alloys for markets that include: Agriculture, Bio Pharma, Automotive components & structures, Aviation components & structures, Gas & Oil Production/Pipelines, Heat exchangers, Medical devices, Nuclear, Petrochemical & Process Piping, Sports equipment, Train/rail cars & equipment and many more.

The founder of KVA, Ed McCrink, along with the scientific team has over 60 years combined experience in thermal processing, metallurgy, automated welding, brazing and mechanical design.

Ed McCrink founded Hi-Temp, Inc. in 1953 and grew the company to become one of the largest thermal processors of stainless steels in North America. Ed has continuously pursued his vision of utilizing commonly available, low-cost martensitic stainless steels to reduce weight and increase strength in components and structures.

KVA Stainless is presently selling high strength, lightweight, martensitic stainless steel tubing and looking for strategic partners for licensing opportunities.

For more information on this new technology, please contact: Douglas Gore, VP Sales, KVA Stainless, 760-489-5821,,

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