Sonitrol Pacific Audio Detection Yields 23 "Malicious Mischief" Charges

Lakewood, WA, April 28, 2010 --( Police charged two juveniles with 23 counts of malicious mischief and one count of trespassing after a Sonitrol Pacific audio security system detected suspicious activity at a Washington school April 25.

Lakewood Police responded with speed and force to the call from Sonitrol Pacific Operator Sarah Bailey reporting multiple sensor activations at the school about 2:30 pm. Witnesses reported seeing three police cars in front of the school, four cars in back of the school, two unmarked police cars, and one fire department truck. Officials arrived on campus just as two kids were climbing down from the school’s roof and took them into custody.

An investigation uncovered what transpired. Bailey received the initial security system activation when the two suspects threw a rock through a window at the school. She heard the crashing noise, followed by faint taps and sounds of possible movement, and called police. Next, the two climbed onto the roof and broke off a down spout cover. The cover was thrown onto a piece of artwork below, destroying it. Then, they switched off breakers to each HVAC unit on the roof. The unventilated school began to heat up quickly, particularly in the computer/server rooms.

A representative from the school was on scene in five minutes of getting Bailey’s call and police already the suspects in handcuffs.

“Your operator did an amazing job,” the representative said. “Like I said before, when Sonitrol calls, the police respond.”

The juveniles were charged with 24 charges each, one trespassing charge and 23 charges of malicious mischief.

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Pamela Singleton