LeadMaster Gathers Steam in New Industry Segments - Education and Debt Settlement

Recently LeadMaster has begun to add a significant number of new clients in the education and debt consolidation industry segments.

Roswell, GA, May 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In the education market the challenge has been to find, track and communicate with prospective students from the time before they're eligible to enroll through their first tuition payment. With tens of thousands of prospective students to track, the task becomes almost impossible without the right tool. The LeadMaster solution is a perfect fit because of features like:

Automatic data capture from landing pages
Automatic recording of email history
Historical interaction records
Built-in email automation and lead nurturing.

With LeadMaster's record assignment ability, prospective students can be automatically routed to the admissions staff most qualified to work with them. The results have been impressive so far with education users growing rapidly. The ultimate goal of these institutions is to have more of the most qualified students attend. Admissions departments use LeadMaster to keep track of prospective students and help differentiate their school with the ability to personalize messages and, in a professional way, stay in touch with and recruit prospective students.

Debt settlement and debt consolidation have become big business because of the flagging economy. This industry faces some unique challenges for which LeadMaster is ideally suited.

The LeadMaster business rules engine routes the prospective customer to the appropriate debt consultant.

The LeadMaster custom forms provide unlimited options for recording the exact information required by the processing team to track client activity.

The LeadMaster automated checkboxes allow representatives to make complex updates to a customer record with just two mouse clicks.

The LeadMaster workflow automation and email system automates much of the regular communication with customers.

LeadMaster’s ease of learning and use helps the industry’s businesses quickly train and mobilize its rapidly growing work force.

- Much of the interaction with customers happens through a call center, so the LeadMaster click-to-dial feature and telephone switch interface provide productivity gains for the debt consultants.

Finally, LeadMaster’s ultra-competitive value proposition makes a full-fledged CRM attainable from SMB’s to large enterprises.

The entire process has been computerized with LeadMaster. No more paper, it's all electronic. By making everything electronic, searching and sorting happen instantly with a click of the mouse. LeadMaster is delivering a complete solution for companies large and small to help manage the day-to-day business in the fast-paced debt settlement industry.

LeadMaster CMO Andy Brownell says, "LeadMaster has traditionally been strong in the manufacturing, insurance, high tech, real estate, call center, healthcare, mortgage and small business segments. While we haven't specifically targeted these new sectors with our traditional marketing efforts, our robust suite of features, our powerful value proposition, the client’s ability to private-label the solution and no long term contracts make LeadMaster an excellent fit with education and debt settlement industries. These features make our solution attractive to virtually every industry, and LeadMaster is committed to expanding our solutions for Education and Debt Settlement organizations."

Brownell sees the results of the upswing in these market segments as a natural result of market forces, continuing, "Studies have shown that cloud computing can cost up to 85% less than traditional IT-built applications. The average cost of a single IT person can pay for over 100 LeadMaster licenses. You can see how costs for traditional IT solutions quickly escalate when adding hardware infrastructure, software, maintenance, facilities and operating expenses, etc. versus the pay-as-you-go SaaS model LeadMaster employs. The variable cost of paying only for what you need and no long term contracts is a natural for not only these market segments but any business during these economically challenging times."

Cloud computing is rapidly developing into a significant component of the IT market. According to IDC, cloud computing revenues are forecast to hit $42 billion by 2012.


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